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Screening of Individuals Working in a Secure Environment

To provide fundamental knowledge of how to screen individuals who want to work in “secure” environments, defined as anywhere that an insider could steal or threaten the integrity of data, information, or other physical or intellectual assets or threaten people’s safety in accordance with BS7858:2019 Screening of Individuals Working in a Secure Environment.

Over the last decade, the need for BS7858 screening and vetting has become essential due to terrorism threats and also due to a change in working culture and ethics. There have been one too many occurrences of incompetent people being given job positions that have endangered others’ lives both emotionally and physically. Our Staff Screening & Vetting Course ensures that these occurrences do not take place.

Our Fundamentals of BS7858 Course provides knowledge on how to screen individuals who want to work in a secure and safe environment. The importance of effective screening within the security business sector is crucial. It is a fundamental requirement for those wishing to comply with BS7858 and other industry codes of practice, to operate a stringent pre-employment vetting system. Our Staff screening & Vetting Course offers skills necessary for security officers and administrators. This Fundamentals of BS7858 Course covers all the necessary information you need to learn to stay in compliance with the latest legislation and standards. It is necessary to keep your workplace secure and that can only be done by employing a staff whose integrity and character are beyond any doubt, especially for positions of trust.

Our Fundamentals of BS7858 Course enables designated members of staff to carry out the correct pre-employment checks on individuals and third-party individuals. Especially for industries such as security, finance, recruitment, or for any other business that wants to ensure their protection from potential employees that can cause concern or jeopardize the business. Employees are often cited as a company’s greatest assets. But it can be tricky to predict the credibility of an individual – especially for recruits. Getting it wrong at this point could be detrimental to your company. This is where our Staff Screening & Vetting Course comes in, pre-employment interviewing and screening provide sufficient information to decide your potential employee.

Our Fundamentals of BS7858 Course will not take you too long to complete. This 3-hour course will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of all the basic screening and vetting requirements you need to go through before recruiting an individual. Our Fundamentals of BS7858 Course is delivered by a professional instructor. The best part about it is our Fundamentals of BS7858 Course is you get to learn at your own pace and our flexible study options will suit your needs. To make it more convenient this BS7858 vetting course is completely online so you can learn from the comfort of your own space and make the best out of this e-learning opportunity.

Once you have finished all the modules of our Fundamentals of BS7858 course a short test will be taken at the end of the course. All our courses are certified and certifications are provided after the course completion.


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The reference material was concise and easy to understand. I love the feature where I can go back and review the questions I got wrong so I could put a little more thought/research into it before I retook it. Thank you.

very informative course and easily understood

Very understanding and quick and easy



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