Want to apply for new SIA Door Supervisor license? Top-up training is mandatory

Want to apply for new SIA or Door Supervisor license? Top-up training is mandatory

As per the requirements of SIA (AVS), from 1 October 2021, an applicant must have one of the following before applying for new license, or renew, a door supervisor or security guard licence:

  • one of the new qualifications set in place in April 2021
  • one of the older licence-linked qualifications and a ‘top-up’ qualification

This applies to any applications submitted on or after 1 October, including renewals. If an individual submit application before this date, he/she will not need to take additional training.

From 1 October 2021, if you hold a door supervisor licence you can choose one of the following options:

  • take the door supervisor top-up training and renew your door supervisor licence
  • take the security guard top-up training and switch to a security guard licence

In either case, you must have an Emergency First Aid at Work qualification, or equivalent, before you can take the top-up training. (View Course button/link)

The security guard top-up training is shorter than the door supervisor top-up training, so is likely to be cheaper. However, you should consider the day-to-day duties of the job that you do. If your job involves guarding licensed premises (such as a pub or a club) you will need to renew your door supervisor licence.

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